Fearless, Period.

To The Men Who Said We Couldn't & Say Hillary Can't

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By: Sarah Karkoura

To the debate judge who wrote all the male debaters’ names on the ballot and “girl” for me,

To the classmate who called me a bitch for trying to pursue a career rather than pursue a husband,

To the stranger who called me a whore for not accepting his catcall,


Heckler at a 2008 Hillary Clinton campaign rally.

We women have tried repeatedly to get you to see our side. We encourage you to think of your mothers and daughters before acting. We show you scientific studies proving intellectual equality among the sexes. We even conform to your standards, putting aside our dresses for bland pantsuits and put the thought of children behind us for our careers.

But what you may fail to recognize behind your bigoted disillusions is that despite the obstacles you have placed before us, we have jumped over every hurdle. We marched ourselves proudly to the polls in 1920, and made it to the Supreme Court in 1981. We lead Fortune 500s and even the Fortune 50s. While you reach these positions with ease and candor, we put forth our blood, sweat, and tears to reach the pinnacles of success. We did this all, all while ironing your shirt.


Protestor at a 2016 Hillary Clinton campaign rally.

In 2016, we stand to make a monumental step for women. We stand to elect the first female president of the United States. Now this is not an endorsement for Hillary or any of her political views. Rather, this is a request for an unbiased analysis of Hillary’s demeanor and choices. Hate Hillary if you please, but for the right reasons. All I ask, men, is that the next time you criticize Hillary, stop to think: are you criticizing her political views or her extra X chromosome?