Fearless, Period.

5 Must Haves For Your Period in College

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By: Sarah Karkoura

College: Parties, independence, and having to buy your own damn tampons. Without mom’s menstrual medicine stash, it can be hard to get through your period while on your own at college. Add these five items to your dorm shopping list to help your experience:


1)    Period Tracking App
Stop guesstimating when your period is going to start and keep track like an adult! Get a period tracking app like Period Diary. If you’re not comfortable with people seeing the app on your phone, hide it in a folder titled “Utilities” or “School,” essentially any name no one will want to go near.
2)    Heat Therapy Rice Bag
Lots of ladies like to use heat wraps to rid of menstrual cramps, but rice bags are the money savers every college girl needs. While Heath Therapy Rice Bags are often made for neck pain, you can totally use them for period cramps. Instead of having to buy a wrap for each night, you just have to buy one and heat it up in your dorm microwave right before you want to use it. Money saver and cramp reliever? Yes, please!
3)    Gym Membership
I know it sounds crazy. The only thing you want to do when it’s that time of the month is curl up on your bed and binge your favorite Netflix show, but working out relives period symptoms. This doesn’t just apply to working out during your period, but during the rest of the month as well. So next time you can’t find motivation to head to the gym, just remember how much cramps suck and you will find yourself sprinting to your school’s gym.
4)    Feminine Wipes
Don’t trust your school’s state funded one-ply toilet paper to get the job done! Keep feminine wipes on hand to make sure you feel as comfortable as possible with your hygiene down under.
5)    Chocolate
Don’t go out and buy the entire Godiva store after reading this must have! It’s key to buy dark chocolate to reduce cravings while benefitting your body. Instagram fitness star Kayla Itsines explains how dark chocolate is full of antioxidants (lowers your risk of disease) and magnesium (manages all those crazy mood swings).

What’s your go to period product?