Fearless, Period.

How to Deal WIth the Worst Part of Each Month: Period Pain

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By: Saumya Bajaj

This is literally my body: “You. You have yet again not passed on your genes this month. You must now be punished with week-long bleeding, cramps, and soreness.” Now, there has to be some kind of loophole here, some kind of solution to the pain. And, guess what, there are multiple solutions; however, it is important to note that if your cramps are so unbearable that it hurts to move every time you get your period, you should see a doctor. You might just need to get prescription-strength painkillers, or it might be a serious condition such as endometriosis.

Now, here are some effective ways to lessen cramps, headaches, soreness, and just general pain:

  • Painkillers. Whether it be ibuprofen or aspirin, the most obvious solution is a painkiller. They’re quick, effective, and most people’s go-to.

  • Hot Water Bottle. This one is my go-to. It really helps, especially with cramps, the only downside being you have to be stationary while using it.

  • Heating Strips. These are essentially the solution to the stationary problem with a hot water bottle. You can use them while at school, work, the gym, or anywhere else you desire. They are inconspicuous and a great pain reliever.

  • Exercise. Multiple studies have shown that exercise is super helpful to relieve cramps and soreness. I know it’s the last thing you want to do, but it does help.

  • Give Up Caffeine. You probably want to kill me, but, I mean, technically it is a drug, and you can be addicted to it. Maybe some herbal tea? Even citrus fruits help.

  •  A nice relaxing massage. Do I need to say anything else?

  • Happiness. The release of endorphins have been shown to help relieve pain. Find a way to make yourself happy. “Treat yo self.”