Fearless, Period.

THE CODE RED Board of Directors

Founder and Executive Director


Ileri Jaiyeoba

Ileri Jaiyeoba first started Code Red when she was 15. As a teen with Endometriosis going through her period was a hassle. She could not imagine going through her period without access to menstrual products like many women who are homeless or low-income do. As she started volunteering at homeless shelters she saw a need that was seemingly overlooked, menstrual products. Ileri has been mentored by Pamela Bell the founder of Prinkshop and has been aided by the help of organizations like the ANNpower Vital Voices Initiative , Three Dot Dash Initiative and GenHERation.

As someone who is incredibly passionate about social justice, Ileri aspires to become a civil rights lawyer and judge. She currently works as a juvenile justice advocate at ROSES Advocacy for girls involved within the juvinile system.
Ileri can be found on Instagram & Twitter


Director of Publicity


Shaye DiPasquale

Shaye DiPasquale is a creative content creator, student journalist and self-described activist and advocate for human rights. Currently, she is completing a degree in Communications with a concentration in Mass Communication from Elizabethtown College, where she is also pursuing minors in Human Services and Women and Gender Studies.

As an aspiring writer, Shaye covers topics ranging from menstrual equity and reproductive rights to international human rights violations for publications such as Her Culture and HelloFlo.




Marley Lopez

Marley Lopez spent high school engaged in the cross-section of women’s issues and entrepreneurship. Now studying Strategic Design & Management at the New School in New York, NY, Marley is applying her skill-set to uplift women through CodeRed.


Director of bRAND Marketing 

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Heather Blair

Heather Blair is a student at Parsons, where she studies business and design. Heather spent her early life traveling with her family, giving her the opportunity to see the world at an impressionable age. After graduating from the Green School in Indonesia, she took a gap year to work at production companies and design firms in California. Now calling New York home, Heather is ecstatic to be part of the Code Red team.


Director of Partnerships



Beth is a creative and social being who enjoys music, art, and philosophy. Beth currently resides in Atlanta and is incredibly passionate about advocating for women rights. Her favorite quote is, "to correct a natural indifference I was placed half-way between misery and the sun. Misery kept me from believing that all was well under the sun, and the sun taught me that history wasn't everything." by Albert Camus (read it in a book by Alice Walker.) Despite growing up in an environment where "misery" was always present the hope (sun) for a better world was not deterred. To Beth this quote can also apply to the ideas Code Red embraces. Female hygiene was and still is a taboo subject around the world. Code Red is breaking that taboo in hopes of spreading much needed information about it.


Director of Development and Co-director of campus relations


Wawa Gatheru

This is Wawa Gatheru, our Director of Development and Co-Director of Campus Relations! She is an Applied and Resource Economics major and rising-sophomore at the University of Connecticut, Wawa is interested in intersecting her academic and extracurricular career in pursuit of a lifetime of advocacy work.

Wawa is interested in the intersection of women’s rights, environmental justice, and food sovereignty, currently researching the gendered differences that occur in food aid obtainment. When she is not elbows deep inside the newest food policy article or studying, Wawa can be found transfixed by SZA’s newest album or scouring her college campus for the cheapest ice cream stand.

Co-Director of Blog AND PRESS Communications


Colleen Claire

Colleen Claire is a 17 year old writer from the Bay Area. When she's not penning her thoughts down on paper, you can find her reading, shopping, and day dreaming on where her next journey will be. Currently, Colleen is a writer for HerCulture and in the process of writing a book. She hopes to pursue a career in International Relations during college while traveling the world someday.


Co-Director of BlOG AND PRESS Communications


Saumya Bajaj

Saumya Bajaj is a first generation immigrant living in Georgia. Coming from a country in which menstruation is still a taboo topic, she hopes to help continue a growing conversation about the topic through bringing together writing and activism, two integral parts of her life. She believes that Code Red can help her do that.