Fearless, Period.


Our Impact

Through Distributing packages Code Red has been able to distribute over 8,000 packages. 

Through our Advocacy Program Universities and Colleges across the nation have been able to make initiative to free menstrual products.

Through our Educational initiatives spread throughout our social media pages we work to break the social taboo around periods.


Impact of Distribution

Since starting in 2015 we have distributed 8,000 care packages, and provided over 100,000 menstrual products to those in need! We seek to distribute 2,500 packages every 365 days and have exceeded this goal every year. We continue to distribute menstrual products to homeless shelters and refugee centers across the nation and have even donated menstrual products to those who found themselves in an emergency situation such as a natural disaster.

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Impact of Advocacy

Through our Advocacy Program students across their university are given a toolkit as a foundation to start freeing menstrual products at their university or residence hall on campus. Our Advocacy program even extends to nationwide policy when it comes to menstruation. Code Red provides another toolkit for people to take action and intitive to advocate for tax free menstrual products in their state. 


Impact of Engagement

Through our social media platforms we seek to inform our audience about menstrual hygiene and also seek to break the taboo around menstruation. Through research we also create inforgraphics and graphs to inform our audience to start a conversation about menstrual hygiene and sanitation.

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